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1.2 What I am attempting to do

1.2.1 Scope

The main aim of this website is to help tourists whatever their budget, easily discover the best available accommodations on the small but beautiful island of Gozo. Gozo rentals is largely interested in sharing trusted traveller’s views and previous experiences whilst offering seamless links to booking tools.

1.2.2 End Users

The system strives to put in place a database of carefully selected accommodations visualized through a diligent information architecture.

Users will have the facility of looking through numerous accommodations based on the understanding of their requirements. Each accommodation will include a variety of media together with a striking description along with any other property specific data such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc.

As previously outlined Gozo rentals is largely interested in sharing trusted traveller’s views thus users will be able to provide feedback through both comments and star rating for each and every accommodation. Through the same interface users also have available controls as to share any recommended accommodation through numerous social media networks, namely Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Apart from the previously outlined, users can also search properties through agents and owners thus making it easy for quality owners as to have repeat customers. Feedback on owners is also shared through the network and is provided by travellers themselves.

The system also gives accommodation recommendations based on what criteria the user is currently searching.

1.2.3 Property Owners

The system will cater for functionality as for property owners to sign up and list properties at their convenience.

Upon sign up owners will be able to log into their dashboard as to create, edit and delete numerous properties. Dashboard screens will include an array of controls as to add property details along numerous types of media namely photos, maps and videos.

A sign up requires property owners (or companies) to provide valid contact information together with background information with regards to their services as to further enhance user’s trust whilst providing a means for users to contact them.

1.2.4 Site Design

The site has a minimalistic design approach together with a fairly simple architecture. It is designed around the concept of minimizing irrelevant information whilst constantly keeping users engaged through appropriate feedback in reasonable time. Having such a wide audience it is of utmost importance that the site follows general usability guidelines as to provide a useable digital experience.

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